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In need of an experienced editor for your book? I can solve your problems.

A freelance editor capable of taking on tough assignments on tight deadlines, my journalism background gives me the ability to help with a broad range of subjects. As a businessman, I have an understanding of budgets and timelines.


I have been an editor at newspapers large and small and supervised staffs of all sizes. Throughout my two-decade career, I have written news, sports and commentary, and photographed news and sports.

A common thread throughout my career is an ability to make deadlines. Your project will be delivered on time. I do not miss deadlines.


After my newspaper career, I started a publishing agency, helping authors self-publish their books. Among the agency’s success stories was a self-help book with a television tie that was featured in the New York Times Book Notes column.

I also was the editor of a specialty newspaper promoting sports at Arizona State University and the editor/publisher of a website covering youth sports in the Phoenix metro area.

A news junkie who enjoys all types of music, I will watch anything where they keep score, and I enjoy photographing any sport.